1. Ctrl + T Opens a New Tab.
  2. Always Google or YouTube issues first before you approach an expert.
  3. For currency conversions use the Google search bar.
  4. Laptop batteries charge faster when in airplane mode.
  5. Download any Google image faster by pressing ALT and left-clicking on it.
  6. Hide your IP address by getting NordVPN, then download Peerblock.
  7. Download “F.LUX” to make your computer screen brighter adjust automatically to your surroundings. 
  8. A clean Desktop means a faster computer.
  9. Find out who’s stealing your wifi by downloading “who is on my wifi.
  10. Recover lost files after emptying your Recycle Bin by downloading RECUVA.
  11. Your computer is being hacked if your anti-virus software is turned off, your password suddenly doesn’t work or if you turn on your computer and your cursor moves on its own.
  12. Windows + C enables you to start talking to Cortana. Cortana is the digital person that can guide you through anything. 
  13. CTRL + Q quits your web browser.
  14. CTRL + I turns the text style into Italics.