I’ve been casting aspersions

Like a riotous protestor that

I’m the least conspicuous.

Speak to us…

And this time, leave out the signs or signals.

Hand-gestures are the cousins of gang-signs

And all of those mimes

Feeling for spaces with animated faces

Right now, I need none of that

“No” means “yes”

“Definitely” means “maybe”


“6 o’clock” means 7″

“Hell means Heaven”

I need none of that right now

I have a drum…

I have an eardrum

And my ossicles function optimally.

Speak to me about

How do you manage to see 

Through me like cellophane.

Mr Lonesome is naked

In a foreign country,

A stranger in Moscow,

But he’s accompanied by his assistant, transparency.

So public indecency

Is the least of his worries.

Not sold to “Godlessness”,

But He participates

With a faith that slowly dissipates

In loneliness.

‘Home is where the heart is’

Well, the beauty without mercy eviscerated his.

It’s placed in an ice-box

Down a dungeon

Dangerous with Dragons and all.

He’s ghosting around inanimately,

Eric Wright-fully so…

It’s Easy E to have no expectations

When the other gender

Reckons you don’t have a drum…

You don’t have an eardrum,

Your ossicles don’t function optimally,

So they refuse to speak to you

About how they manage to see 

Through you like cellophane.

… But they’ll sell you pain…

The fairer sexes,

With all the daggers and axes

Are up to no good.

Hearts made of ice-cubes

They perambulate looking for

Boys in the hood.

The violence has changed me…

I’m a venustraphobe

In a population of one,

I already see

It’s not gonna work

Even though it’s not begun.

So let me re-trace this…

Not all men are trash.

Some are trash-cans

Filled with phlegm and la femme faeces, 

We deal each other blows

As though we’re not of the same species.

What can we accomplish

If you let me

Lend you my drum?

I’ll lend you my eardrum.

My ossicles function optimally.

Now, speak to me about

How do you manage to see 

Through me like cellophane.

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Peculiar "Ph D" Khumalo, born and bred (and buttered) in White City, Soweto, the liveliest township in Africa in 1987. Attended Boarding School at Bophelo Impilo and Matriculated in 2007. While his erudite endeavours do not venture beyond Matric, he had long been told he had a way with words, a hype he still has a hard time believing. "Of all the pleasures of life, I relishes nothing more than a conversation over coffee" ☕