– Thoughts of a SA’can musician

I serve on the Western Cape Cultural Commission. We advise the minister of culture and arts (also sport) in an advisory capacity on different matters.

I have been involved in local government since I started singing. I quickly saw a great need for the organizing of the arts and when I could stand 

as a chairperson for our local cultural forum, I did. I still reside, but we are restructuring to involve the ever-evolving cultural scene in our region in a sensible matter. New structure and leaders – new energy.

We have succeeded in building a network organisation for all cultural practitioners that stays above and beyond the sometimes personal strife between members.

We don’t disappear when we have a fight – unless of course, it is of a serious criminal situation. God forbid. 

No. We share the sky and air and sea.

After our meeting yesterday I spent a well-deserved hour at Green Market Square. I will add how it felt like just now.

Let me first say if artists can live above unfair and poor conditions, the cut-throat shit of a very selfish industry and the world sometimes – then we all can.

If we can give over power to a new generation…our leaders can.

Start with a song, a mic or a stage. Share a moment in a cafe corner.  A smile. A dance. A moment of eternity:

“On the Square with life everywhere! Doves rose and fell in sweeping swoops and excited groups of tourists appeared every hour with South Africans sprawled on the side-walks having a beer or cold glass of wine. Food to share and great company. The joy of a single beer in the heat after our WCCC meeting today. People sat close to each other and a busker sang the most beautiful songs with his guitar and heart in the hand.

#Sun and #wind and #sky.”