Did the Ukraine and not Russia interfere in the American Elections in 2016?

Let’s consider that there may actually be a “Ukraingate” instead of the more widely held “Russiagate” a term synonymous with the belief that Russia interfered in the US elections of 2016, providing Trump with an “unfair” advantage over Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, and turning him (Trump) into a so-called, Manchurian candidate.

Does Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden’s family have business interests in the Ukraine?

Is it at all possible that the recently fired John Bolton, a bitter, bloodthirsty, warmongering neocon, was hired by the GOP to infiltrate the Trump administration and create such chaos in the inner-circle so as to lessen Trump’s chances of a second re-election? How else to you explain Bolton’s visits to the Ukraine? Surely Trump, who is behind Biden in the polls, would need all the insider information (read dirt) on his opponent he can lay his hands on? So what are the obvious geostrategic reasons behind Bolton’s visits?

List of Bolton’s foreign policy failures:

Bolton arguably led Trump from one foreign policy disaster to another, so let’s have a look?

The disastrous trade-war with (PRC), the People’s Republic of China, and its largest trading partner has seen economists revise US GDP figures downward with an expected contraction of about 1% and net job losses bordering on a few hundred thousand. There seems to be no early prospects of resolving the economic impasse

America’s relationship with Russia is at an all-time low with the hasty cancellation of Arms Treaties and a new “Arms Race” steadily looming on the horizon

Iran; the JCPOA, Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, has been summarily cancelled and even stiffer sanctions levied on Iran with no visible resolution in sight, and Americas European trading partners publicly disagreeing with the US for the very first time. The situation is so inflamed that Houthi rebel drone attacks on strategic Saudi oil installations has Mike Pompeo, the Trump, Secretary of State openly accusing Iran of acts of aggression and threatening them with military reprisals. War in the middle-east seems almost inevitable? 

North Korea; after initial signs of early progress because of Trumps unorthodox style, the talks have ground to an embarrassing halt with zero ideas of how to kick-start the moribund process

Afghanistan; it seems as if Bolton deliberately “sabotaged” the much anticipated talks at Camp David between Trump and the Taliban, by holding back the talks and jeopardising an already fragile peace process

The Middle-East; the Americans have never been so doe-eyed and helpless with waning influence in the area like now. In fact, it is Putin’s Russia that is behaving like the “real Superpower” displaying both its abilities to defeat an enemy quickly, (ISIS and others in Syria) manage multiple delicate geopolitical interests but also seems do pull it off with diplomatic aplomb

Turkey; the United States and the Pentagon managed to alienate Turkey, a key NATO ally by denouncing their purchase of the Russian made air-defence missile systems, the S-400, and reneging on their previous commitments to sell the Turks 100 F-35 stealth jet fighters. This raises two issues, will the Turks continue to allow the US use of Incirlik Cumhuriyet Air force base, and how will they (the Turks) recoup their considerable investment in the F-35 development program?

NATO; the United States relationship with its most important allies are at an all-time low in the 70-year history of the partnership, so it begs the question? Where to from here and does the Trump administration have a Plan B to remedy this self-made mess…to be continued