Why I’ve always argued for a “benign” dictatorship: (For a limited period of say 25-years).

I watch RT and Vesti News, the de facto mouthpiece of the Russian government and I have to say I’m completely bowled over by the Putin regime’s efforts to turn Russia into a global leader/power:

Not a month goes by that Putin isn’t announcing or opening up some massive state-sponsored project to create economic independence from the West and employment for the Russian people. If it isn’t increasing capacity at the Russian military-industrial complex, reviewing the largest and latest dockyard in Vladivostok, modernising the Russian Space Agency, reviewing the progress of the manufacture of heavy industrial equipment, giving away huge parcels of land for future food security, negotiating the completion of Nordstrom 2 and the massive Russian/Chinese gas pipeline, replacing ailing state infrastructure, opening and modernising new mines and mining towns, then it’s meeting with the latest batch of young ICT, Bio-Eng., Machine Learning, Robotics and Nanotechnology graduates.

The Russians seem to have a long-term plan that is developed jointly with the local regions, funded by the public/private sector and overseen by the Federal government. They’ve gone from Central Planning to Central Oversight, with the kind of single-mindedness that’s frankly eye-popping.

Alas, at the tip of Africa we put together the best planning commissions in the world, capable of developing solid national strategies, and then our job seems done? Where are all our big, state-planned infrastructure projects? Where’s our Marshall Plan, our homegrown New Deal? The NDP, the National Development Plan aims to eradicate poverty by 2030, reduce equality (whatever that means) and create employment for our people? Can you see this happening anytime soon? If I told you that South Africa has roughly 12 public/private funding agencies with a combined war chest of R3 Trillion, would you believe me? How is it possible that the largest public works programme, the Lesotho Highlands Water Project was created by the Apartheid regime back in the early eighties?

It has taken the ANC 25-years to build 4-million cheap, Apartheid style bachelor hovels, euphemistically known as RDP houses for our desperate, long-suffering people, oh, and a few black-owned farms here and there, whilst they’re sitting on 23 million acres (read that again) of land. What they (the ANC) did make sure of is a minimum wage for every Member of Parliament, every state official and every black political figure handpicked to share the Apartheid (larcenous) spoils of WMC, White Monopolistic Capital. I get that the “negotiated settlement” was a onesided deal meant to benefit the previously advantaged first, viz à viz the Washington Consensus, but there is wiggle room on either side of that disaster, which even I can see.

We now have a democratically elected billionaire President who’s supposedly an astute businessman, and all he mutters about in between large succulent pieces of tender beef is a “New Dawn” and off his greedy acolytes go to raise mezzanine funding (read capital plus any interest) from the most expensive institutions in the West. 

This only guarantees further impoverishment for our kids and grandchildren. But of course, it helps that we have the world’s most finely written constitution and we can vote. It would seem to me that their (the ANC) job is complete!

After all, they “liberated” us and boys are they reaping the rewards of that liberation. If only we knew it would be this fcuking expensive, this quite apart from the Apartheidesque systemic corruption that is a steady bedfellow. Between the ANC, WMC, the political elite, the billionaire oligarchs and the white-owned, mass-media we stand no chance as a people, black and white. We’ve been successfully neutered and led off to what little work is left over so they can maintain their wealth gains in perpetuity folks. Our economy is all but eviscerated post the bungled handling of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Our only chance is to rise up against them (the whole establishment) and create a “New Beginning” for ourselves by NOT VOTING, and collapsing the system. In a sense, our participation is our Consent?

PS: We are successfully raised in a dictatorship, schooled in a dictatorship and spend the better part of our lives working in a dictatorship; it’s just disguised as a democracy.