One day I decided to take a stroll along the white sands and see the amazing silver grey ocean. In my heart I was ready. A crowd was frolicking in the icy cold waters.

Suddenly a thought came to my mind it was a thought that I could not erase. My face had this questioning look upon it.

No more did I have this jovial outlook. It felt as if I was drowning in some unknown river or swamp.

I began to think about how judgemental and hypocritical the human race has become. We are so quick to draw that judgment sword and point it at others and criticize others. We are so deep into ourselves that we don’t see the faults or log in our own eyes.

Not that I am a saint, far from it, I might not even reach the white pearly gates of heaven. I have just as many faults as the next person.

Because no man living is perfect even if they think so. We are all striving towards one common goal to live in peace.  

Just like we are all sinners so are we to point that sword? When you think about it we have no right at all.