Generations come and generations go but in each of those generations we will get someone who is brave enough to stand up and make a difference. They will either “fight” for peace or they will fight for the injustices others are experiencing.
We can all learn from them irrespective of who they are.
They could be a stranger, our parents, teachers or our grandparents.
Great men and women have walked the face of this earth we call home.
Jesus, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr, Mother Teresa to name but a few, didn’t command any great armies or legions of men yet they stood out and were a cut above the rest.
They changed the world purely by their words or actions.
They never sought man’s praises or gold medals, but simply so mankind can live in peace.
The truth though is that we are still chained by those invisible shackles around our hands and feet.

Some of us are too blind to notice those shackles because we are only focused on ourselves, yet no one person is more important than another.
So self centred are we that we ignore the plight of the poor and the injustice within our justice system, which is to my mind already “rotten to the core.”

People of Colour were displaced and shoved into dilapidated homes to remain there until death and told to be grateful for it.
There was name calling and we were made to feel inferior but we have the same blood running through us all.

Remember the tongue has no bone yet is mightier than the sword.
We talk about a Rainbow Nation but for me this is nothing but a myth.

Our blood, sweat and tears have stained the road walked on.
Even in death we are not free because we are still chained with those invisible shackles.
Our blood covers the coffins that we are placed in.

One man walked this earth and told us to love one another as He loved us yet in truth we remain only a tiny light in the midst of terrible darkness.