Ever since the dawn of civilization man has always been in conflict with each other.
Always trying to prove something!
Some of us still believe in the old adage of a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye.

Our souls are darkened by these terrible traits of envy, betrayal, jealousy, pride, power, greed, money, hatred, no love or respect and that list goes on.

Then that terrible slave trade came along.
We were sold to the highest bidder and they became our “Master” and we had to obey them no matter what the cost was.
We had no form of identity.
From dawn till dusk we toiled the land in the scorching, sweltering heat of the sun with not a drop of water to quench our thirst.

Though that law of slavery has been abolished still today we are not totally free those heavy chains still choke us until we cannot breathe anymore.

They regard us as their enemy- but in truth please tell me who is my enemy?
Shouldn’t we love each other -or is it wrong to do so you tell me?
We are all born from the same sands of Mother Earth.
Don’t you agree o man of dust?

I marvel at man’s intelligence and at the same time i am amazed at man’s folly in the political arenas of this world.
How they close ranks in the political game just to gain your vote or should I say the so called “enemies” vote.

Then the worst form of dictatorship or doctrine came along just because of one man’s distorted way of thinking.
He thought that he was doing us a favour by imposing those draconic laws.
But in reality he was doing us no favours at all!
He just made us stronger and we fought back.

Some time ago I saw a rainbow in the sky.
I just began to smile at myself when i saw it. Man talks about a rainbow nation but isn’t that a bit too far- fetched?
There are many colours in a rainbow but only one rainbow.

If we call ourselves that then please tell me why are we still so divided?
I believe that everybody must have a share in that one pot of gold no matter who they are.
They don’t need to hold any titles or have prestige.

That is the only way that this nation will work.

We are still striving to get there but I have all the confidence it will happen.

A New Dawn is breaking!