For some time now. I have searched for a new dawn. But so far, nothing has come forth.

I see those dark grey clouds moving slowly in the ageless skies as if it is dancing to some sad operatic tune.

Every day I look out for this new dawn that will give hope and peace to mortal man but all in vain.

All I see etched on man’s faces are the injustices from the past that they are still fighting today. Not a smile creases their weary faces. 

They are still wearing the clothes that they bought thirty or forty years ago. Thinking that it is still in fashion. Even the shoes they are wearing have long passed their sell-by date. It’s not in vogue, and you don’t get them anymore.

Man is still blaming others for their constant failure in this life. They keep on swinging that judgement sword at others. I am sure by now that sword must be tired and ready for retirement.

Children criticizing parents because of the way that they were brought up and vice versa. When will all of this end? 

Even the deceased are honestly tired of listening to that same old repeated Gospel.

When will the past be buried? Some of us are still today, teaching our children and future generations about it even though no man had control of it. 

When will mankind sit around one table and truly shake hands? In my honest opinion, that day will never dawn.

Because man will always be bitter, self-righteous, unforgiving, cold-hearted, critical, judgemental and hypocritical.

They will never ever look at themselves and the kind of person they have become.

Then, one day, I met this small child, and after speaking for some time, she said the new dawn will never come unless we change our hearts. 

I went away feeling refreshed from those mortal words. Did that new dawn arrive, you tell me?