For years I’ve had this picture (based on watching countless Hollywood
movies), of my husband and I taking a romantic cycle along the peer.

The picture in my head and checklist is as follows:

His and Hers bicycles? ✔️

Children all grown up and no longer requiring our constant attention? ✔️

Sunny day with very little wind? ✔️

Hubby and I still in love and wanting to spend time with each other? ✔️

The odd holding hands, stealing glances and leaning over to kiss while
cycling? ✔️

Him and I still in relatively good physical condition to cycle? ✔️

Feeling good and grateful to be alive? ✔️

That’s all I needed to complete the picture in my head.

This was going to be better than the adverts you see for gracious,
retirement living.

My husband, being supportive of my dreams and visions rushed out to buy
bicycles for us.


He called me outside and did the whole “close your eyes” “Ta Dum,”big
reveal with a huge grin on his face waiting for me to jump on him and shout
out my joy!

Now the problem with pictures in your head is that in real life situations
it never quite works like you’ve imagined!

This was one of those instances!

Confession time!

I did not know how to ride a bicycle.

The closest I came to riding a bicycle was in my head!

We grew up in abject poverty and bicycles were a “luxury” very few could

Husband still staring but the broad smile is beginning to waver and a frown
forming between his brows!

I never knew a bicycle that close up was so big. I could comfortably drive
any car but bicycles require balance and everyone who knows me know I trip
over my own feet on level ground!

I moved closer, tentatively touched what was now a big piece of metal (not
a cute bicycle) and stood next to it with a nervous grin.

I don’t like falling! I don’t like getting hurt. The mere thought of
roasties on my knees is enough to break me into a sweat!

I bravely got on with my one foot touching the ground and asked my husband
to take a photograph (at least it looked as if I could ride a bicycle)

I assured him I would learn while he worked away.

That was 4 months ago.

The bicycle is in our garage and every Friday I lie to myself and promise
that this weekend coming I will learn and every weekend I don’t learn is a
personal failure!

The bicycle has even started “talking” to me or rather “challenging” and
those handle bars have taken on the shape of a sneer whenever I look at it
but I’ve decided to make it easy on myself.

I no longer park my car in the garage so I don’t have to see the bicycle
and I’ve taken to asking someone to close the garage door because the dust
is messing up my furniture!

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!