The question is, does a man really and truly get a second chance at life? Or is it just a myth?

Even no matter how horrific the crime or what they did. Or does those heavy steel shackles remain around for the rest of his earthly existence?

Personally, I believe that no man’s crime is so despicable that he won’t be forgiven. But forgiveness goes both ways, even though you cannot force the person to forgive you.

Because every man is guilty of something, no matter how insignificant. The Good Book speaks of forgiving someone seventy times seven which means a lifetime of forgiveness.

You cannot always blame someone else, but you forget what you do wrong.

It doesn’t pay to point the finger at someone. The bottom line is this, you are not perfect yourself.

Your mortal body is perfect because it was created by your higher power, but your actions in this life are not perfect.

So if we do get those second chances, what are we doing about it? A man’s life is so short that he must worry and stress about trivial matters.

Try to dedicate your life to doing good instead of punishing the next person that you might not even know.

Broken marriages, relationships, or whatever, also deserves that second chance instead of the anger and hurt where you don’t speak to each other. 

Let us all start now and extend that hand in true love and humility instead of waiting for that second chance.

In this life, we are all crossing or walking that same bridge. Don’t wait until it’s too late.