Personally I believe that there is no such thing as a utopian or perfect world.

It doesn’t exist.

Since the dawn of creation and civilization, there was always conflict; who is the hero or heroine in this drawn -out saga.

If it existed, man would live in peace and harmony.  

There would be no crime, corruption, prisons, greed for power and money and the list goes on and will never stop.

We would be living in a dream-like state or this huge bubble. In a way, we would be like robots with no free will of our own.

The Good book talks about conflict and so many more!

Even if we had to have that kind of world there would always be that person that will upset it.

It will always be the strongest that will survive. The one that runs the fastest to the goal post and collects the prize and that’s a fact.

And the so-called weaker ones will lag so far behind that they will never catch up. Show me such a world and I will give you a glimpse of heaven. 

Because we have different opinions and no one can force you to believe in what you don’t want to. Because we are not born the same nor can we think the same. 

We are all born with free will and it is entirely up to us to choose which path to follow. Just like there is no such thing as a rainbow nation it is just a dream and will always remain a dream.

We must stop drowning ourselves in that black, murky river of the past and move that goalpost our way towards justice and equity.

Also, show me a country where the wealth of that country is evenly divided between its citizens and everybody thrives in that country no matter your background. 

You can’t show me because it doesn’t exist. Everybody would love to live in such a world where every morning the birds greet us and the ocean and the rivers meet in one place. 

And Mother Nature gives us her glorious smile. And man can walk free instead of constantly looking over his shoulder at what is lurking behind him.

Maybe one day that kind of world will exist but for now, it is merely a very far off dream that maybe will come to a reality. 

I live for Utopia even if it’s only in my mind.