As I take the few steps to start my nightly walk in the park, I am overwhelmed by imaginary people I think I see in the dark.

My life as I once knew it is no more

The effort to maintain a look of joy is hard unlike before.

As a child, it is easy to play in the park, because often, as children we do not understand the stark, realities of life that turns our smile into a frown.

Turning the very lives we knew upside down.

On our heads, we keep falling and the knowledge of the mistakes we made is appalling,

But how do we learn unless we take that first step if only living came along as a prep?

It catches us by surprise and the life we knew leaves us wide-eyed as it simply dies, leaving us at once lost and often at a very high cost, to ourselves and our family.

If only life could be a long walk in the park, a park where trails and treasures lie with no dark.

If only we could manage love and be secure.

Oh, how much more with love at our side could we endure?

But loneliness becomes our companion that sticks to us like glue, except for a lucky few.

Not many find happiness and love yet those that do make it seem like a well-fitting glove.

We stumble and fall; sometimes we are lucky to catch the ball that life throws at us without prior warning, leaving us in a constant state of mourning.

A walk in the park seems easy to take but that walk often seems to break, the very spirit we have within us to live and the love we have that’s dying to give and receive if only we could believe.

Our defenses are up and our armour guards our hearts and minds for too often we have fallen for so many lies, told by people we opened up to only to be rejected  and as if on queue they move to another to destroy and maim and to our everlasting shame, our lives are never the same.

But up we get to take the walk in the park, quickly before it gets dark because each time we travel through there we live with hope and carry it around our bodies like a fireman’s rope,

Hoping, waiting, watching and ever alert;

That this umpteenth time our walk in the park called life will not hurt.