One day a young man was strolling towards the mall which wasn’t far from where he stayed. His whole facial outlook had a huge question mark on it. Wherever he went that question mark followed him as if it was like a second shadow.

It was a question that truly puzzled him for as long as he can remember. Why is man’s life filled with greed, power, money, envy, jealousy and so on?

Even that awesome ocean that stretches for miles on end had this questioning look upon its face. With it’s dark, broody look. Even Mother Nature couldn’t grasp it. You didn’t even know if it was winter or summer it felt like she was playing some kind of game with you.

Why is a man so obsessed with this kind of living? The more power he has the more he wants. And the same goes in terms of money.

They borrow without giving back. They steal from the poor to enrich themselves. They laud their little bit of power over you as if they own you.

Every Sunday they sit in the front rows in that church to be noticed by everyone. But deep down they are a bunch of rattlesnakes ready to bite you in the back.

Nothing by them is free even their friends must pay a hefty price for associating with them.

They don’t even respect you or themselves. They think that they own the world but how wrong are they? What happened to love that the timeless good book speaks of I guess it is thrown out of that window a long time ago.  It will never ever return.

Even the deceased run away from them as if they got some kind of plague. So this young man walks away with no concrete answer to his dilemma. 

His only hope is that one-day things might change but for now, man will always fight over who has the greater power.