“Addiction respects no age, social class, race or gender; like death, it treats all people equally. The harsh penalty is death, imprisonment or insanity. There is no drug to cure addiction; the only cure is God and leading a good, clean and healthy lifestyle.

Craving is an irrepressible urge for a substance or activity, which has to be satisfied, through whatever means, even violence and murder, to calm the agitated and desperate mind. It is this craving that makes it difficult for a PWA (Person with Addiction) to give up their addiction.
It can best be described as a bee, buzzing around their ears, with a net over their heads and their hands wrapped in bandage, so they have no way of getting to it. It drives them insane till they satisfy that urge. Craving can be triggered by people, places and things, or a simple flashback in the mind to set off the uncontrollable urge to use substances or engage in an activity like gambling.
For ordinary people, craving can best be understood when they hear the ring of an ice cream bell as they walk down the beach on a scorching day.

The greatest challenge for a PWA is to master their craving.”

An excerpt from the book: 4 steps to healing by Dr. Robert Rapiti