Hi, my name is John.

although, that is not my real name.

That is actually my street game, 

because I resemble John.

Let me explain while working through the pain.

Firstly, you should know that life for me was no fun.

As a child, growing up I was in more orphanages than you can ever imagine. 

I came from an abused home.

And was determined not to be that when I was grown.

Nothing could get me down, not even the occasional frown,

or so I thought;

My life was one roller coaster.

I never knew the meaning of true love,

only the wrath of people who were meant to shield me from evil. 

There were many times I wanted to give up.

Physically my body was tired but spiritually I was wired. 

To climb mountains and conquer it and rise to challenges bit by bit.

For ten years I lived on those cruel, violent streets,  often never finding peace of mind.

Or even a word that was kind.

No one wanted me so they walked on by and let me be.

In their eyes, I was a responsibility they never wanted to make and chances for me they never seemed to take.

Each day I scratched in filthy bins for a morsel to eat, often being beat by the dog sniffing before I could and grabbing the last piece of food.

Don’t pity me o man of dust.

You that’s filled with earthly lust.

But I fought against the blackness slowly pulling in.

Never giving up always thinking one day I would win!

Though many times I came up against a blank wall.

A wall that at times seemed so tall!

The scars on my body tell you the kind of life I led.

So often I wished for simple things like a plate of food and a comfortable bed.

Men admired my strength of mind and the fact that in poverty I could remain kind.

To those who had less because looking at them, I was considered blessed.

I got through this hell hole through hard work and stood tall next to the gutter

I had often found myself lying in to look up to the skies and mutter.

Why me I would cry?

Life would surely be easier if I could just die.

Then it changed and day by day I grew stronger 

Until as a man I looked around me in wonder.

I will never forget how I came to be here

The lack of food no longer a fear 

That I carry around me like a shield.

Happily knowing that I did not yield

To circumstances beyond what I could manage.

So here’s a word of advice to you, 

Keep on keeping on cause you will win through.

Believe that you can rise above the tide

Even if at times you feel overwhelmed enough to just slide

Into the darkness beyond.

Because before you know it you would have won.