You look at me and judge me based on the amount of melanin in my skin,

And that in itself is a problem of where it begins.

You shut me down when I complain,

About the treatment, you metered out and the resultant pain.

My tears I have cried for hundreds of years,

Based on murder, mayhem, rape, and fears

You say you’re peaceful and I should listen to you,

Because you know what’s right for me and I have no clue,

About how the world works and who is in charge!

But you turn it around and pretend it’s me because I am large.

Based on my skin colour you consider me a threat yet history attests to the violence I have met,

When wanting to be free to breathe on my own, you shackled and tortured me and called me you’re own! 

I cried to the heavens when my muscles tore, from the work you said was only a chore.

I bore your children created in violence, not love and care.

Only for your wife to seize them to work in her house and pay their share!

Of a life, I could not call my own and live,

In peace and harmony that your preachers give

And you ignore

Always wanting from me more and more.

You hang me by my neck without a care,

While people that look like you laugh and stare.

Your Bible, you carry faithfully under one arm.

With a gun in the other, you use subjugation to disarm.

My people and greedily take their land and thieve,

But I read your Bible, and in there it states “thou shalt not steal.”

For years you have systematically waged war to wipe me out.

Now, because I still breathe your scared things will turn about.

Did you know that you come from me?

That we bleed the same if only you would open your eyes and see.

You cry equality and want to hold my hand,

But my suffering has been because of your failure to see me as a human!

What you are doing is known as gaslighting.

You are the one that keeps on fighting!

For rights, you have always had.

So help me understand why you’re still so mad

You stole my music, my precious metals and made it your own

And then dared to cry when you were shown,

That they belong to me,

and were taken from me, by the barrel of a gun, yet you can’t or don’t want to see


I, with my dark skin and “nappy” hair,

Cried out for you to only be fair.

To not be greedy and take everything, including my blood.

But the violence continued unabated much like a flood.

You called me disrespectful when I refused to stand,

To sing an anthem of a country where you took the land,

And killed the tribes that lived peacefully,

While trying to convince me that you’re not the bully.

You’ve taken all you could and sought contrition when you confessed it as sin.

But deep down your continued actions indicate you don’t see me as a human!