Social media is great when you want to reach a wider audience whether you’re an artist wanting to get your name out there, a blogger, a company needing to advertise or simply looking to expand your network of friends and interests.

I wanted to talk about the absolute disregard we have of displaying violent killings of black people and their bodies as if their lives meant nothing. As constant attacks on black people are filmed to fulfill an almost salacious fantasy for some people, others like me are mentally and psychologically triggered whenever we view this and it’s a constant reminder of violence we had to endure simply for having more melanin. 

In my experiences, I have seen POC bodies strewn on roads or fields much like a table cloth clinging to the top of a table; simply lying there, lifeless, unable to move. 

Some social media platforms do not issue warnings when you are about to view gruesome photos or videos and so you’re not mentally prepared for this and the right-wing brigade will post photos of white people being “slaughtered” with scant regard for the deceased’s dignity or the family that may still be in mourning. Instead, the images are shared to show the violence, we as people of colour are “capable” of, to continue the violent narrative being pushed that black = barbaric. 

There is an underlying lie being peddled about and violent images of deaths and assaults of people of colour, in my opinion, is a cunning way of almost “immunizing” the viewer against the harrowing pain the victim felt before their death.

Much like psychological warfare: silent but effective. If you see 100 dead bodies of people of colour, think about how you react to 101 images. Intersperse this with violent images of white people being killed and you react more to the one displaying the white person because it’s not the “norm.” Because it shakes you out of your reverie and your mind reacts and rejects vehemently what you are seeing and almost compels you to react physically.

These flash images and videos harm people psychologically and I choose not to immunize myself against this.

I’m all psyched out as I’m sure many of you are.

Let us spread these images only as a way to educate but never to numb ourselves to the pain.

These flashcard games people enjoy distributing serves only to harm, not heal.