It’s NOT racism:

(Almost) straight outta Compton.

The heading the British tabloids had screaming at you the moment Prince Harry announced his engagement.

The British media could have used several cities within the United States to indicate she was not British. The fact that Compton was used was deliberate and it is succeeding in relegating Meghan to the position she was always meant to be in.

You see, white people will be your friend, adopt black children, hang out with them but the moment the black or brown person steps out of line, that’s when racism bares its ugly teeth.

The problem with Meghan Markle was not that she is bi-racial, not British, (although the white woman from Zimbabwe Prince Harry was dating a few years back was never targeted for not being British), forgets protocol and so on.

Meghan’s problem is that she dared go where people like her should never think of going and that is as a wife, a legal wife of a white male. Meghan, in falling in love temporarily forgot her station in life.

She forgot that she comes from a long line of slaves and servants and though the master will find you attractive and creep into your bed at night while no one is watching, the black and brown person can never be elevated to that of wife.

We have seen it in Monaco with Prince Albert and it’s an open secret he has a particular penchant for black and brown women. It’s also an open secret that he has a biracial son who isn’t formally acknowledged by the royal family but who they financially support. Indicating he is a “mistake” that needs to be hidden yet the relationship between Prince Albert and Nicole Coste from Togo was not that of a one-night stand.

See, Nicole Coste knew “her place,” Meghan Markle didn’t.

Unfortunately for Prince Harry, he fell hard and it would seem that no palace official gave him the memo where you can play with black and brown women, but you never marry them. Harry the rebel that he is wanted love above royalty or naively thought because Meghan is a wonderful person who he fell in love with that the members of his family will naturally love her too.

It’s NOT racism:

When a picture of a monkey surfaced that was meant to depict baby Archie it wasn’t racism ala Penny Sparrow “monkeys are cute” remember?

It’s NOT racism:

When media focuses on what Meghan wears, how she looks, speaks, dresses and nearly “killing” Princess Charlotte at her wedding for choosing flowers that may have “killed” the child. Then there’s the comparison between Kate and Meghan and how Meghan made her cry (white tears). The list goes on up until Prince Harry steps in and defies protocol and blast the media himself and sues them for the constant vitriol levelled at a woman he clearly loves very much.

It’s NOT racism:

If Meghan had simply had an affair with Harry, the media would have praised her for “bagging” such a catch even if it was temporary. The problem was that he wanted a lifetime affair with her and that both the British media and the people were not going to allow. Yoko Ono was constantly slammed for John Lennon fall in love with her and being obsessed with her to a point that he wrote the song “Woman” for her. She’s not white though and it’s not racism.

It’s NOT racism:

It’s not racism when the royal family, the media and the British people care more about this undeserving, ungrateful black woman who dares love her white Prince than about the predator in the background who clearly prefers underage girls. Getting the “black” out is more important.

It’s never racism because white people don’t see it as racism. It’s everything but racism and we should not be surprised when they deny its racism because there is no racism remember? That’s in the past and we all need to move on.

Or maybe white people should admit that racism is alive and well and thriving in all areas and that they would prefer black and brown people to know their place and remain in Compton.