I am sitting in my room sipping my favourite coffee Nat King Cole is playing softly in the background.  For a while, I am pondering on my dilemma of why I am still alone.

But I can’t come up with a concrete answer to my puzzle. 

Yes, I know a lot of people, some of them over the years became my friend or did they? And some of them became my very well-known acquaintances. 

In time they would also slowly but surely fade out of my earthly life. 

How I would like to taste the sweet rose of love. 

Even the universe stares at me as if I betrayed it. 

Most times out of sheer loneliness, I converse with my shadow pretending it’s my friend. 

If my shadow could speak, it would speak volumes about me and my utter loneliness. I truly hope I find someone to talk to.

Indeed I am alone.