Renaming domestic abuse.

We hear the word terrorist and our minds immediately conjure up events like 911, the Mali bombing etc but here’s a thought: Terrorism isn’t only confined to national or global events and the loss of many innocent lives.

The laws need to change because globally there is interpersonal terrorism being “played” out behind closed doors in both wealthy and poor communities.

Imagine what would happen if a man storms a building and holds people hostage for a few hours? Oh yes, I forget, we have seen this both in real life and on the big screen.

The first order of business though is a unit such as SWAT being deployed, along with a hostage negotiator and several police “surrounding” the building to save those hostages.
The police are adamant that they will not negotiate with terrorist so the best snipers are used to “take him out!”

Why is it then that we treat “lone” terrorist with such kid gloves?

I’m referring to the man who for years mentally, sexually, physically, emotionally, financially and psychologically terrorizes their partner!

The partner is for all intents and purposes held “hostage” by this terrorist’s demands.
Every single day, the victim waits for someone to rescue them but nobody comes knocking on the door!

The neighbours hear the screams and the terror is well known and well-orchestrated but no rescue is in sight!

Is the partner not being terrorized by this person?

Is the partner not being held hostage by the abuse and unreasonable demands?

I recall Somali Pirates capturing a South African couple a few years back and Government doing all they could to “negotiate” the release of the couple and so it should be but what does that say about a single person whose life is in constant danger?

Oh yes, I forgot we call it by another name!

We “glamorize” it and say it’s domestic violence and if the woman dies at the hands of the terrorist its called femicide!

Is abuse not terror?

Is holding a person against their will not an act of terrorism?

Is the only difference a number?

So if it was 2 people it’s a “hostage” drama but 1 person? Do these mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts etc not matter because they’re a lone hostage?

Interpersonal terrorism is also mind control so why are we not out there giving these victims the best physiological assistance available to strengthen them enough to leave!

And when at the end of the hostage drama, the victim shoots or kills the terrorist, why are we arresting them and throwing them into prisons?

We need to rethink our laws and to realize that terrorism also comes dressed up in Gucci and that they live among us!