Why do my tears keep falling? Every day I see nation mourning, as it mourns the injustices of its people. A country so divided, yet so beautiful? So many brave men and women sacrificed their own lives for this nation, but its countrymen are still crying. A cry that can be heard from the highest mountains tops to its tallest church steeples. What happened to true brotherly love?

I guess it was thrown out the window a long time ago, because we don’t appreciate the beauty of mankind. All they see are the injustices, injustices written all over their weary faces. Their tired footprints mark the very streets they walk on.

Because every day they find themselves in shackles, that men tied them to. So how can they celebrate freedom when they have a ‘watchdog’ like an eagle, watching over them? They are underpaid because of mans greed for money and power. They are constantly at war, fighting against this terrible, awful scourge of injustices. Please tell me when they will stop fighting?

I hope peace comes to all of us, that we can live in true brotherly love and share the wealth of this nation equally amongst us all. Until then, those tears of mine will keep falling…