We do not always feel inspired.

When this happens I feel my spirit slowing down and my soul listens.

Collecting your thoughts are like a sifting pan where you look for diamonds next to a river with ancient secrets.

There are sparkly moments and then a song is born.

In the path towards that though, many waters flow.

Perhaps even coffee or tea. A glass of wine with cultivars of time.

Let this cup pass me by…

I saw the world when I was five, I knew I had no stomach for it.

I would slow down in myself and let the breath in me become part of the wind in the millions of trees in my home town in the Overberg…or the silent spectacle of an early morning winter Karoo and fill the morning with songs from inside. Like a bird in a tree. At home.

I would sing and breath with the Mother Father Origin of Earth – the ultimate breath of life.

I heard my mother – as a special preacher in church one day – say, “God is breath”. “Asem”.

So profound.

God is also light and dark and all the beauty around us.

In a world literally hell-bent on destruction, it is where we keep our (mind’s) eye that keeps your life-boat afloat.

Mind over matter.

Every life matters. Every bit of breath.

I wrote a song ” Die Heelal draai”, The Universe is turning/rotating.

“Man alleen deur die eeue heen, is hy soms, is hy soms die een…daar waar die w√™reld en die donker opraak, sal God mos sy kinders sagkuns opraak”

Man alone through the ages…when this world and all its darkness ends, God will grab and cradle all his children softly.

Every bit of breath.

The sea goes round and round.

Be still and know.