For years I always wondered to myself what people were trying to say when they said another chapter in my life.

I couldn’t get through the first chapter. What about this one?

It felt like I was bombarded with all these chapters yet that door was closed. I felt like a statue standing on the same ground.

The question was why I couldn’t see where these chapters were leading me or telling me something. In truth, I was too blind to see. It felt like I had scales on my eyes. 

Yes, I was too deep-seated in the past that I had no control over. It ruled my life like a bottle rules an alcoholic.

There was no new day or sunshine for me only that deep haunted darkness. Even my soul was covered in this unwanted darkness. 

Man began to ignore me like I had some kind of plague that was only meant for me. Even my home was surrounded by this terrible darkness. 

That terrible ghostly wind kept blowing in my face and scarring my fragile skin. So here I am fighting to move to the next chapter but to no avail. 

That beloved virgin ocean of mine greets me with the utmost scorn in her tone. I don’t even hear those timeless church bells ringing. And why should I? Even the priests don’t know me.

Indeed this is a battle I must fight on my own with no sword in my hand or breastplate to protect me. I sincerely hope I reach the next chapter.