Joseph Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States of America on the 21st January 2021 amid much hope and relief after a tumultuous Trump presidency. Most American and overseas pundits, social commentators and the “usual suspects” (read economists), expect things to return to normal. But is “returning to normal” possible, when Trumps only achievement, was to lay bare to the world that the American DNA is as much white supremacist and racist as during Jim Crow. American white people are still fragile, and with their tendencies for conspiracy theories running so deep that it allowed Covid-19 to extract a terrible death toll on a population that thinks it’s manifestly impervious to foreign agents, no matter how big or small. With almost 7 per cent of people afflicted with the virus and close to half-a-million deaths, America has long passed “normal.” In fact, they’re moving into a position of complete loss of its much-valued hegemony from a global and psychological perspective.

Joe Biden has to reverse, through Presidential Fiat 100’s of Trump’s Executive Orders, dozens of key state departments that have no leadership.  He further has to deal with a populace that is visibly divided, including a lack of vaccines, because Big Pharma is one of the primary financial backers of both the Republican and Democrat parties!

He is faced with a previous President and government that actively sabotaged its own country and waged war on the people that translated into 14 000 arbitrary arrests during the BLM protests and the white supremacists storming of their Capital. If that wasn’t enough, Joe has to repair the international partnerships with NATO, Germany, Britain and China, all the while rejoining the WHO and the Paris Climate Accord.

Of course, it will help the American people if he cancels student debt, delays home evictions by the banking monopoly by a further 6-months at least, raises the amount of government household assistance to  $2000 and reverses the damage Trump has done a Medicare and Medicaid. This is a once in a lifetime bind that few Presidents are faced with, perhaps similar to the issues FDR had to deal with in respect of a failing economy post the global collapse of 1929 and a brewing war in Europe that would inevitably engulf America itself. Obama 2.0 has chosen a poisoned chalice in his mad ambition to become President of a faltering empire that is perhaps the last of its kind in a world that’s increasingly and inexorably moving towards multi-pluralism.

Russia, the old “enemy,” and China, the new one, are tired of acting as America’s bankers by diligently holding onto their sovereign debt- whilst being abused with genocidal sanctions regimes. Because America doesn’t like how they do business and with whom they do business. The previous issues highlighted are hardly the biggest, and during Biden’s tenure as landlord of the “shining house on the hill.” 

His biggest challenge may very well be the removal of the American greenback as the world’s reserve currency and the dollar becoming just another currency on par with even the Russian rouble or the Mexican pesos. This is a direct result of global fatigue with American Imperialism driven by their perpetual wars doctrines. Rumours in the international corridors of power are that China and Russia have completed the final phases of decoupling their currencies from the dollar and phasing out the massive buying of American federal government debt. 

It seems as if, “The Arab Spring,” they invented- to illegally force regime change in other countries, is the very same economic change they’re forced to deal with during Biden’s time in the White House. Sadly, no amount of sophisticated weaponry, political sanctions or their impressive arsenal of nuclear weapons can prevent it. 

Joseph R. Biden Jnr, the 46th President of the United States of America, will be remembered by historians in the far future as the last President of the Empire of America and the one that wrote the final chapter in its “book of horrors, blood and shame.”

No-one weeps for empires except past presidents, Caesar’s, tsars,  their reviled progeny and sentimental historians. Goodbye America, we will not miss you, especially the black and brown people who you’ve defined as such and abused as much.