“Breakthrough” is a beautiful, touching, inspiring and very emotional movie.
It’s about young boy who drowned when the ice below his feet broke.
He was in the water for twenty three minutes before his body was retrieved. His doctor’s gave up on him of ever surviving, and if he did survive, the prognosis was really bad. The prognosis, if he survived, was that his mental faculties would be irreparably damaged.
It was his mother’s love and faith that helped him make a full recovery defying all the predictions of medical science.

I have learnt a long time back that medical science may not have all the answers to human illnesses but that is no reason to give up.
I was moved when the young replied to the question, “What do you remember”? He said that he remembered his mother holding his hands and telling him how much she loved him.
As he uttered the words, I felt the lump in my throat, even more so, when he broke down crying with gratitude to everyone that played a role in his recovery.
He ended becoming a pastor and a basketball coach.

Incidentally, this film is based on a true story, which makes it so credible. It is a tribute to all the caring mothers who love so unconditionally.