Sometimes the breaths we take aren’t enough to make us breathe.

We spend an inordinate amount of time doing shallow breathing.

By this I mean that life rushes by and our breathing is done along the way.

Rushed and shallow so we don’t waste time to breathe and this leaves us with not enough oxygen to clear our lungs, our minds and maintain a healthy psyche.

I recall as a child a teacher used to make us breathe before we started class. She insisted that we clear the cobwebs.

And though I thought it was silly at the time, it makes sense now. As humans we are stressed. We stress even when we aren’t aware that we are stressing. It is in our subconscious mind.

Think about it for a moment!

When you are in heavy traffic and someone cuts you off before you spew expletives just breathe and breathe deeply. Ask yourself if raising your blood pressure is worthwhile and if it isn’t why take precious moments from your life to shout at someone that won’t hear you.

You are irritated and tired, and you are about to have an argument with your partner because of a minor thing like not closing the toothpaste or not clearing the dishes from the table. Before you do that just, breathe and ask yourself if what you are upset about will truly matter in the morning? If it won’t matter, then don’t pay it any mind.

Insults, anger, harsh words and so on may make you feel better but how fleeting is that better?

We need to learn the art of stopping what we are doing and breathing, simple deep breaths that will clear your mind and make you rethink an action. 

Breathing life into a situation makes a difference. 

Taking deep breaths curbs impulsive behaviour.

Breathing is a necessary part of life that we so often neglect in our haste to get things done.

Our very breath must only be taken from us the day we close our eyes and are living no more.

Before that last breath let us learn the art of breathing and let nothing take your breath away. Its quite simply not worth the agony of suffering from stress, high blood pressure or any disease that can be changed by a simple mindset.

Let nothing and no one take your breath away. If there is a situation that is upsetting deal with it but don’t let it steal your joy. I’m not talking critical diseases or death but everyday situations that is within our power to control.

I never realized how important breathing was until I couldn’t breathe properly.

For ten months I have struggled with simple breathing and my physical condition compelled me to take time out to simply breathe. I was unable to shout or get angry for fear of an attack, but I learnt during these months that breathing was not only important but essential for my well-being.

My condition (though temporary) has taught me to slow things down and to take deep breaths before doing anything.

Breathing or learning to breathe again can save your life.

Breathe again.