For fans all over the world of various sports to be able to watch athletes around the world compete, the athletes have had to endure what is known today as “Bio Bubbles.” Thanks to COVID-19 protocols and wanting to keep themselves as well as other people safe, the sports world have created a controlled bio-secure environment for players to try to eliminate the spread of COVID while continuing to play the sport they get paid to play. 

Take the England tour of South Africa which gets underway on the 27th of November. Each player will be tested before arriving in the bubble – England before they depart and South Africa before they enter. Once you’ve been given the all-clear, i.e. a negative COVID test result, the isolation begins. They are now all on their own until practice or game time. And though some might relish this opportunity to games or expand their mind, others are more reliant on human interaction and will find the bubble extremely difficult to handle given that you can’t leave. 

Now, the average person would say that this is a luxury problem and compare what sportsmen and women get paid but remember they are human as well. While they isolate in a controlled environment, we, the fans are free to roam wherever we please- yes, at a greater risk of getting COVID, but at least we can see family and move around unrestricted. 

For the players that are used to being around family and friends, this must be a particularly challenging time, and the threat of anxiety and depression for them must be high. 

As we continue to live through this pandemic, we must acknowledge those who have worked tirelessly to bring the sport back to our screens. We may not be able to go to the games, but at least we can watch them on TV. Just a few months ago we were all stuck at home with ZERO  sport, nothing! Sports federations and committee’s around the world have done a fantastic job in unprecedented times to get things back to somewhat “normal.” 

Schedules have been affected, and events have had to be pushed back. Players are playing more often, and the threat of injuries occurring is a massive factor for them to consider as a serious injury can affect how they feed their families. We need to realize that we are facing this pandemic together, and sport has played a crucial role in relieving some of the anxiety and tension most of us were feeling during the lockdown. 

Sport has the power to free your mind of what is troubling you, and for those few hours, nothing else matters but the score. We are all grateful for the sacrifice that these athletes are making, and hopefully, we can get back into sports stadiums as soon as possible to show just how grateful we are!