If you hadn’t heard already Caster Semenya took on the IAAF about a year ago, about a ruling which sees female athletes with naturally higher levels of testosterone unable to compete unless they take a testosterone suppressant to even out the playing field.

Yesterday the 1st of May 2019 the IAAF ruled against Caster, saying that their ruling is not a personal attack on her but a way of keeping things fair for everyone and Semenya will now have to take special medication to suppress her naturally high levels of testosterone.

In my opinion I do not believe the IAAF when they say it’s not just about her when it clearly is. She dominates her sport as a poc woman and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Caster was born with intersex traits- meaning her body produces atypically high levels of testosterone. She has been through so much in recent years and yet she keeps continues and is an inspiration to South Africans and the world over in that she’s shown that it’s ok to be different. But she essentially wants to be treated like everyone else. That’s what she is fighting for. She wants to compete at the highest level for her country and the current rules say that she can’t because of naturally produced high levels of testosterone.

It’s not however all doom and gloom as Semenya has the chance to appeal this ruling by the IAAF but the spokesperson for the IAAF said himself that this case is going the be the most difficult he’s seen in his 22 years of being involved with the IAAF which does not bode well for Semenya.

I believe telling athletes to suppress something that occurs naturally in their bodies is not what athletics should be about. It’s about seeing the best of the best out there competing against one another and if they are not taking PED’s (performance enhancing drugs,) then they should be allowed to compete. It’s not as if she asked to be made the way she is. God made her that way and she believes God gave her the talent to compete and win and I do not see any reason why she should not be allowed to. Sure her advantage may or may not give her an unfair advantage but does that take away from her hard work and dedication it takes to compete at that level?

I for one am hoping that Caster will appeal this ruling and fight this until the end because she is not only fighting for herself but for anyone who is different. She’s trying to prove something to the world and that is that everyone should be treated equally. I hope that she can win this very difficult case and that she will be allowed to compete in her natural state. One thing is for sure I will be following this case closely because a win for her will be a win for humanity.