The much-publicized case of Caster Semenya took another twist this week as the self-same Swiss Supreme court that suspended the IAAF’s decision that required Semenya to take supplements to reduce her testosterone levels. 

This means the two-time Olympic gold medalist will now not be able to defend her crown in the 800m race at the world championships in Doha later this year. This also does not bode well for her case against the IAAF and it would seem that an important decision is looming for Caster and she hinted as much in a tweet stating; “first chapter of my life done, looking forward toy second chapter.” While cryptic the post seems to hint at an end being near.

Caster has been adamant in her beliefs and in saying in the past that she is not willing to change her natural body to meet the IAAF regulations. That coupled with the tweet could well mean we may have seen the last of this extraordinary athlete which would be a real shame not only for her but for the fans she has entertained for years. Nothing has been confirmed yet but I have my suspicions that the IAAF will uphold their decision and the regulations for female athletes with higher levels of testosterone will be set in place and I believe that will be a good thing for the sport.

Having these regulations in place will ensure fair competition in athletics in future as there have been recent situations where transgender athletes have been competing and dominating female competitions. Most notably a college athlete in America who was a below average male athlete, had a sex change and is now blowing the competition away as a female. These new regulations ensure that any female athlete competing will have to be under a certain level of testosterone to be able to participate. These regulations however should not apply to Caster and here are my reasons, Number One; these regulations only came about half way through her career and it wouldn’t be fair on her to make her change her natural state to compete. Number Two; because the only reason certain people thought it unfair is because she started winning, if she was coming 5th no one would batt an eye but she is an excellent runner and dominates. Now I know there is a direct correlation between distance runners performing well and higher levels of testosterone but my opinion on the matter hasn’t changed.

She was born the way she is. She did not know what was inside her body. It’s not like she’s changed her gender to gain an advantage she is just naturally a hermaphrodite. Unfortunately for Caster it would seem the end is near. I just want to wish her the best of luck with her case and if we have seen her compete for the last time, I want to say thank you for the memories.