Caster Semenya has been in the news a lot over the last few months for her ongoing battle to run freely at IAAF events. She was suspended from running and told that she would have to take testosterone inhibitors to be able to compete in events which she will not do. Caster has said on numerous occasions that she will not take drugs and so the future was looking bleak for her to say the least.

Her suspension was then lifted through the decision made by a court in Switzerland. Meaning she could now compete in her 800m discipline again. While the case for her suspension and her appeals to the matter are ongoing. This ruling by the Swiss court meant she can now, if only for a limited time only, compete free from using testosterone inhibiting drugs which for her is a massive win in her case against the IAAF.

Caster’s resilience throughout this difficult time in her life has been admirable. She has stood firm in her beliefs and said that she believes she should be able to compete natural and free and now she could. Semenya’s first opportunity to compete would be at the Prefontaine Classic. Being that this would be the first time she has run her favorite discipline, the 800m, since May it would be interesting to see how the athlete is able to compete and if her off field battle would take its toll on the track.

It was an emphatic no from Caster as she cruised to victory in a meeting record time of 1:55.70. Showing that not much has changed on the track for this talented athlete. She still holds a firm grip on the 800m discipline with a vice like grip and if she is able to continue the 28 year old will dominate the 800m for some time to come as no one is close to her at this present moment.

Her off field battles are set to continue as the IAAF will appeal that Swiss ruling that has allowed her to compete albeit temporarily. If they are successful it would mean that she is back to square one and that she would then have to appeal the decision made by the IAAF that suspended her in the first place. So it would seem this race was a temporary joy for Caster but I’m sure it’s one she gladly accepted because there is no better feeling then doing what you love the way you want to do it, drug free!

The problem I have is that the IAAF have double standards when it comes to taking drugs PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) are banned but yet when an athlete is caught taking them they are suspended and then once the drugs are out of their system and the ban has been served they are welcomed back with open arms and that to me seems ridiculous especially if that athlete is caught more than once! In the case of Caster however now it’s ok to take drugs so they can reduce her natural advantage. Note I said NATURAL ADVANTAGE! They want her to take something that takes away her advantage but what if that doesn’t work? What if she still wins regardless, which I think she will do. Then what will they do? My best guess is that they will find some loophole for her to be banned again. They’ll find some sort of ruling or they’ll make one up again. The bottom line is Caster is going to have to fight this until she probably retires and perhaps beyond as they might want to take away her achievements as well one day. I feel for Caster because it’s not her fault at all, she was born the way she is and all she wants to do is compete. Let’s hope that she can one day win her case and that this brilliant runner is able to compete uninhibited for the rest of her career.