I was created to be part of this vast universe. But most of the time, I feel like a stranger to it. 

Yes, I was meant to revel in its goodness, but the man began to ridicule me. Man’s wrath was as raw as stone.  What crime did I commit? 

The man started to stare at me as if I had some unknown illness. I tried so hard to accepted by man. But I was slowly drowning in a black river of acceptance no matter what I did.

Every day I saw my brothers and sisters selling their wares on every street corner, and I began to admire them.

Some of my brothers and sisters are behind cold steel bars, and some are addicted to that dreaded substance. Tears fall down my weary face like raindrops watering this universe of ours.

Nowhere in this universe am I accepted, and that is a reality. I am no freedom fighter, activist nor do I carry a long metal sword. All that I want to be is to be accepted. Is that too much to ask?

I am constantly battling with my soul even though I don’t know where in this mortal body of mine it is. 

So in truth, I am a nomad living in this universe of non-acceptance. 

Nowhere in this universe am I accepted. But in truth, I will always be a child of this universe.