Why we all have failed at humanity and need to repeat the lessons.

Humanity is described as:
compassion, brotherly love, humaneness, kindness, kindheartedness, consideration, sympathy, understanding, mercy, tenderness, pity benevolence leniency, generosity.

Everyone, including myself immediately becomes defensive and claim to be nice people and have humanity but let’s explore that for a moment.

If humanity is described as all of the above then the one we fail at the most is mercy.

Now mercy doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be a case of someone violently assaulting you and you decide to forgive them and offer them mercy.

Mercy can be as simple as letting some person into the queue at the supermarket because they are old, they have screaming and tired toddlers with them or they simply have one or two items compared to your trolley full of groceries.

Mercy is wrapped up in kindness which is wrapped in humanity and we fool ourselves when we think having humanity is giving the R5 change you have in your pocket.

Mercy is being aware that your neighbor is suffering and offering either a warm plate of food, a cup of tea and a conversation or simply to watch the children for an hour.

Mercy is noticing your colleague is struggling because she is a single mom and simply doesn’t earn enough and taking the initiative to start an in-house fund or stokvel/savings among yourselves so each month someone benefits.

At the end of it all you’re simply saying; “See my challenges, please have mercy on me as I wade through them!”

“Many lives were throughout history by humans having mercy”
-Thesna Aston