A heart eviscerated is like a nomad

we can’t tell if it’s broken

because the first issue

is that it’s lost.

The last known location

I was exchanging with Odette

my “agenda” was to court and woo

or something like that.

My inaugural taste of rejection

the most ostentatious

from then on I became untouchable because

Experience teaches

a long arm reaches

snitches get stitches

and Cooper recuperates.

[Bounce back trampoline, bounce back.]

I bounced back from that Donald trampoline

and came back without an organ

I came to light of that

because my next attempt

was refusing to take shape

A comely damsel…

made me call my inner Denzel

and then I commanded

my heart to attack

There was an echo…

At first, I thought

there was confusion

because I said ‘heart attack.’

but then it was reported

that Achilles

was not with the army.

In my temporary rage

I order, let’s wage war

in the absence of Achilles

let’s think without neurons

convenient store without coupons

I’m fucken Agamemnon

my army can do no wrongs.

I didn’t need a waiter

five minutes later

Bounce back trampoline, bounce back. 

Body mechanics, symphony orchestra

poise and posture on lock

blonde locks twisted

I’m sweating some

but the Keath in me is comfortable

no-one on the corner

has swagger like us

the cool kid in me

oscillates the pro-kid in me

camouflaged with a Glock

when I’m dressed to kill

I’m Lauryn Hill, ready

… or not…

my Achilles hill was that

Achilles was not with the army.

Well, if you keep the company of Kendrick

eventually, you’ll be alright

but for now

embrace your loss

After all 

you’re Cooper

your one job is to recuperate.

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Peculiar "Ph D" Khumalo, born and bred (and buttered) in White City, Soweto, the liveliest township in Africa in 1987. Attended Boarding School at Bophelo Impilo and Matriculated in 2007. While his erudite endeavours do not venture beyond Matric, he had long been told he had a way with words, a hype he still has a hard time believing. "Of all the pleasures of life, I relishes nothing more than a conversation over coffee" ☕