Intervention or Interference:

Being in lockdown for “my safety” and doing this “social distancing” which often feels like the current trend on Twitter was accepted albeit reluctantly by most people.

The President was touted as being progressive, wonderful, insightful and so on and compliments flowed his way. He was the new hero, Superman, saving us from a fate worse than death.

Then came the ban on alcohol and again we understood although to be fair not everyone that consumes alcohol is violent or abusive.

Following closely came the ban on cigarettes and the reasoning for that we were told was that Coronavirus attacks the lungs so cigarettes are not going to be sold. But there is evidence from WHO that the virus attacks ALL organs. So why are we focused on one?

Fast food became the next “monster” to be “attacked” by Government. The banning of fast foods including cooked foods from big supermarkets is, according to Government, meant to minimize social contact with others.

What is the difference between social distancing at a supermarket and social distancing at a fast food outlet or a bank? Is there evidence that the consumption of ready-made foods increases the chances of contracting the virus? And if so, where is the evidence?

Now we have the rule that children in Grade 7 and 12 must attend classes while parents stay at home. They have been assured by the Government that the children will be given two masks each.

So, sitting 3 children to a desk or playing around during break isn’t going to expose our children to the virus? Sending your child to school in this instance would be like sacrificing your child to die for you.

Finally, or at least I hope this is finally we have Government that dictates we can only walk, jog, run during the hours of 6 to 9 am with absolute disregard for social distancing, safety and security especially in townships.

What happened to my civil liberties?

While I understand the President has certain powers that override my rights in an emergency, surely me drinking or smoking in my home should I choose to do so has nothing to do with him?

Some boundaries are being overstepped the moment you reach my front door. At this rate, he may as well prescribe to us what to eat at home, what time to sleep, when to bath, and so on. 

This goes beyond trying to control a pandemic and more about trying to control the people and what they are doing inside their homes.

If I am not breaking the laws or bypassing any bylaws, then what right does anyone including Government have to basically tell me how to live my life.

I feel that the next level of Government overstepping boundaries would be to choose how I pray and to whom.

There’s a difference between intervention and interference.