From the dark ages, crime has made its presence felt. Crime has no face or colour, and it has no soul.

The scourge of this terrible monster has touched most of our lives. It weaves its mayhem and misery to all those that fall prey to it. 

It doesn’t question, nor does it want answers. It just takes what doesn’t belong to it.

No mortal is truly safe from this evil demon. Till now, there is no solid solution to this trade. There is no forgiveness once you are a victim of its violent horrors.

It is likened to a disease that must still be cured. It has no mercy or compassion. Its soul is dark like an everlasting black hole with no remorse or justice.

Every day I pass houses with electrical fences, high concrete walls, and heavy metal gates, and my soul drowns in a river of tears.

When will a mortal be safe from this evil? Not even our places of worship are safe. It robs man from living safely.

I am tired of reading the same news every day about crime. For it affects man, woman and child alike.

If you a farmer, housewife, child, breadwinner, man on the street or somebody that is just trying to make an honest and decent living.

Where is our true justice? Our soul cries at the gates of the heavenly realms for justice, but the doors remain closed.

We have become like prisoners in our own homes, sleeping with one eye open just in case. 

What happened to our freedom? Even that is slowly being taken away from us. Where is the sanity in all of this? 

We live in a world that is ruled by this dangerous shadow. When will we be able to open our doors and sleep with open windows and shutters?

Indeed it is one bitter pill to swallow that we must bear for all our earthly existence.

I know that is a heavy cross to bear, but I live in hope. 

Nothing is sacred when crime touches it. The violation of every person’s sanctuary is marked by this dark force.

Maybe one day, this human race can stand tall and proud.