Mother Earth retires to their various sleeping chambers as darkness slowly but surely moves across this vast horizon.

I am listening to music as usual on my outdated stereo because it soothes my wandering spirit. 

But still, I cannot fall asleep so many thoughts race through my mind. I guess my mind has become like one giant computer that works 24/7.

Many times I am afraid I will crash but strangely enough, I don’t. I am tossing and turning but will sleep come to me, no it won’t.

I look on my timepiece it is now three o clock and still no sleep for me.  I wonder to myself if I should make me my last cup of tea or maybe I should just let it be.

My soul is tired and worn out from the busy morning schedule. I have no choice but to venture to the kitchen and make that tea. In no time I have made that thirst quencher. Here’s hoping it soothes my mind enough not to venture.

I am staring out of my bedroom window all I see is this deep black darkness. A thought crosses my mind, what dark secrets do you hold behind that face of yours? 

I can only but wonder to myself. 

I always thought that darkness was quiet where nothing moves, but how wrong I was. I learned that Darkness wasn’t quiet at all. The night predators come out and ply their trade of mayhem and total destruction.

No man can see them because you hide them behind that dark black cloak of yours. Yes, I am petrified of you and what you can do. Yes, I am a grown man but I am still cautious of you.

Don’t you understand I prefer the light not your darkness? Why don’t you leave me alone but I guess you won’t it is not in your nature. 

When will you finally disappear for good from the place I call home? I am tired of looking over my shoulder and thinking about what lurks behind that terrible darkness. Darkness, more darkness and black all around! With no light in sight, everything is hidden and nothing can be found.

Man will never be safe as long as your cloak remains here covering us. Actions and thoughts in darkness, remains mainly of lust!  I wish they can bury you far and so deep in the depths of the Earth never to resurface again.

Or the least you can do is clear my brain,

From all the thoughts that frighten me at night,

And bring some torch to the dark so I can have light.

I prayed for all my life to the heavenly realms to grant my request but still today no answer was forthcoming. To my mind, my supplication wasn’t approved and all my efforts were in vain. 

My body and mind in darkness descends into a vortex of pain.

I can never ever run from you this is true. But if I have no choice to live and to accept you! Could you be nicer and make the sky even a shade lighter than blue? 

Even in death, I am surrounded by you for all eternity and beyond with no light at the end of that timeless tunnel.

Let’s compromise; you stay on your turf and I will stay on mine.

Should you agree with me, give me a sign.

Goodbye darkness until we meet again with the decision you have to make.

Until then, I remain wide eyed and awake.