On this warm, crisp morning not a breeze was blowing it felt as if the sun was standing still in its orbit. I entered the courts of justice knowing that I would be vindicated from all those false charges brought against me.

The ten jurors were sitting pensively on the hard, wooden benches with very sombre looks on their faces. I greeted my attorney and long-time friend with a firm handshake.

The look on his face seemed to say I was not guilty. I thanked him for standing by me during this trial. He gave me a nudge, a conspirator wink as if to say, “no problem I have your back.”

Not long after that the judge walked in and sat down. Everyone in the courtroom was staring right at him. We were all anxious and wanting to rush him along. 

It didn’t take them long to reach a verdict. The judge instructed me to stand. I stood there full of hope. One of the jurors was about to read the verdict. My “executioner” was also sitting there waiting patiently for the verdict. 

Suddenly with a loud bang both the doors opened, the room temperature suddenly dropped and in walked death itself, his long black cloak sweeping the wooden floor. 

He stands at the back and doesn’t utter a word. Unbeknown to me my attorney gives him wink. What I didn’t know was that my friend who I trusted made a pact with death behind my back. 

In the end I belonged to death with no chance of parole.