Spiritual awakening is not for pussies. I promise you, trying to be a better person involves daily death of all the people I used to be. Death to the ego. Death to the self-identity. Death to each and every label ever affixed to me since the day I was born, especially those that I’ve coveted.

I no longer pledge to the flag, nor kneel at the cross and when it comes to my ethnicity I check the box for other and write in HUMAN. Every single day I ask myself “who am I?” before race, creed, sex, politics, invisible borders and construct cultures gave me a false identity.

I’m so tired, and frankly, bored to pieces with the daily rhetoric assaulting my eyes, ears and sensibilities with this day’s political faux pas and the latest religious scandal, and this one hates that one whilst offending another one because (god forbid) he’s a bit different, and these laws protect some but just vote harder next time and all will be right with the world…

But it’s not.

And I can’t.

So I choose to die another day with a grand smile across my face and all twenty-eight teeth visible. I’ll die happily to separation and the divide and conquer agenda. I’ll slit my own metaphorical throat before I’ll take pride in the crap-shoot Earth suit I spawned onto this arbitrary land mass in. Not until I am stripped beyond bones bare to my ethereal soul will I ever see anyone else as such. So I die, and I die, and I die again so that I may live in the fullest and most authentic representation of myself that I can be, and that is the soul in me that recognizes the beautiful soul in you.