The Dunning-Kruger effect in psychology is simply a cognitive bias whereby people who are incompetent at something are unable to recognize their own incompetence.

The resurgence and resurrection of this has become very popular in the States and it’s obviously due to the current President. He is the best example of this effect whenever he opens his mouth.

The ramifications of the Dunning-Kruger effect are usually harmless. If you’ve ever felt confident answering questions on an exam, only to have the teacher mark them incorrect, you have firsthand experience with Dunning-Kruger.

On the other end of the spectrum, the effect can be deadly. In 2017, former neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch was sentenced to life in prison for maiming several patients.

“His performance was pathetic,” one co-surgeon wrote about Duntsch after a botched spinal surgery, according to the Texas Observer. “He was functioning at a first- or second-year neurosurgical resident level but had no apparent insight into how bad his technique was.”

Dunning says the effect is particularly dangerous when someone with influence or the means to do harm doesn’t have anyone who can speak honestly about their mistakes.

He noted several plane crashes that could have been avoided if crew had spoken up to an overconfident pilot.

“You get into a situation where people can be too deferential to the people in charge,” Dunning explained. “You have to have people around you that are willing to tell you you’re making an error.”

What happens when the incompetent are unwilling to admit they have shortcomings?

Are they so confident in their own perceived knowledge that they will reject the very idea of improvement?

Not surprisingly (though no less concerning), Dunning’s follow-up research shows the poorest performers are also the least likely to accept criticism or show interest in self -improvement.

(Excerpt from Angela Fritz article in the Washington Post)

Let’s bring the Dunning-Kruger effect closer to home though and let’s realize we see it in groups who push the “white genocide” agenda.

So blinded are they by their own ignorance and untruths that they spend vast amounts of money donated to them by right wing racists to travelling the world telling all that will listen that they are “targeted” by black people and have marksman constantly aimed at them ready to shoot them down in a hail of bullets!

I’m not too concerned about those people though. What does concern me are the people that blindly follow and believe them.

Not once has it occurred to their “followers” how they “safely” managed to escape South Africa unharmed in full view of lots of black people to peddle their rubbish.

Never once has it occurred to their “followers” that their white children are being looked after by the very people they claim are out to “kill” them!

(A bit reckless of those parents if it was true)

All the white people sunbathing on our beautiful beaches do so without an army of bodyguards surrounding them and they return home unharmed!

The high incidences of racism perpetrated against POC’s isn’t enough “evidence” that we are treated shamefully in our own country but so deeply ingrained is this fear of anything black that white people will “find reasons” and excuse the barbaric behaviour of racists and clutch their bags tighter when crossing the path of a black man while black people are being shot, abused, humiliated and shunned simply for being black.

As POC’s we aren’t heard because white people have been socialized to listen to white people and so the Dunning-Kruger effect continues unabated with the most ignorant blindly following and believing that they are “under attack” yet history has proven and continues to prove the reverse is at play.

White people continue with the misconception that anything black is not only dangerous (swart gevaar) but that our intellect is “inferior” to theirs.

I caution the “blind followers” to stop for a moment, read up on the Dunning-Kruger effect and ask yourself why it’s easier to believe ignorant people than to look at the cold hard facts?

Live consciously