Americans, the ‘first people’ of this world are tired, tired of the perpetual cycle of generational wars, the perennial promises of politicians, the daily doses of media by bombardment, the ubiquitous advertising that promises products filled with ‘all cures,’ tired of churches filled with faith, but lacking a God, tired of the pervasive profligacy of information, tired of the over sexualised youth, tired of the proliferation of guns, tired of social infidelities of all types, tired of all the extremism, tired of hubristic greed, tired of the rich, tired of ‘manufactured fears loaded on other fears, tired of being fearful, tired of racial strife, tired of ‘low intensity’ internecine police warfare, tired of fighting for their country, tired of all the embedded social inequalities, tired of extractive, heterotopian, patrimonial, megalomaniacal neocapitalism but not tired of Trump, at least not yet? Why?

How did Trump achieve the ‘seemingly impossible?’ Miles of newspaper columns has been devoted to this punishing question. Perhaps they’re all right in one way or the other, perhaps the answer is both complex and at once simple. The simple answer is that if your create and maintain a system meant to produce a fixed set of outcomes, what’s the surprise that such an exquisitely designed system, produces the outcome that is now so awkwardly parked at number 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, in Washington DC. All systems built by man by virtue of his fallibility, is fallible, but the American electoral system of voting for President is so audaciously flawed, so as to produce a Bush and now a Trump. Arguably, it was deliberately intended to produce Donald Trump, defined first and foremost by his impassioned racism, with all the ‘bad parts of the bible’ flowing from there.

Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the ‘greatest country’ on earth, actually filed for re-election on the 20th January 2017, the day of his inauguration. There are roughly 20 Democrats and 2 Republican candidates that have filed to run for President of the United States, according to the FEC, the Federal Election Commission, but like in the Western frontier flicks that defined white American thinking, in my view, Trump will be unanimously re-elected without much trouble. Trump represents the ‘ultimate’ almost quintessential American, the brash, boastful, (but cowardly), narcissistic, womanising, all-white-male, against-all-odds Randian businessman, that thumbs his nose and his bank balance at society, in the tradition of John Wayne, but with a good credit score and minus the dapple grey steed.

Trump is a mirror-image of what America desires, aspires to and wishes it had. The Donald is in fact, a mirror of America and to Americans. He forces even the feeble-minded to gaze within and ask the questions never asked before. Who are we? Arguably, it was Barack H. Obama who is directly responsible for America and Trump. So massive a bifurcation was the election to the presidency of Obama, that it shocked Middle America sufficiently enough to do what it’s always done, it folded in on itself and bared its ‘true-colours.’ It demonstrated to the average American that America cannot and will not be anything else but a scared bunch of people, fearful of what they may lose because fresh off the Mayflower, they started with nothing. But through a medieval system of white supremacy, they robbed, raped, pillaged and stole their way to riches and lied about it in the history books. Essentially, Trumps America is what America has always been since its ignominious spawning, bunch of white-clad, white hoodlums, who threaten violence, commit atrocious acts of their incestuous gospel and pray to an American designed god for forgiveness every alternate Sunday.