It is a beautiful day and the birds are humming.
I think of a picture I saw on Facebook recently.
It had a beautiful bird sitting on a little branch somewhere lovely and read:
Birds are Nature’s musicians and their concerts are free!

It is a struggle to build a career and industry when you are kept out by powers that be.
Social media has made a difference, yet the traps are the same and money and power rules.
Not harmony.

Let’s remember.

No wonder the world and humanity is at war!
They control that media they that control the purse strings.
Whoever they are.
Years new, years past.

So you do “your own thing”.
Set an example for others with their backs to the wall to follow.
To fulfil their artistic vision of Life.
Maybe even breathe.
Live a little.
Their life.
Our life.
Interesting stuff! Who knows where you get something right?

But we are ungrateful too.

We do not appreciate what others do for us.
We focus only on what we think the world owes us.

Nobody owes you nothing.
Tomorrow there is a fire or a storm or just a simple, massive wave and sjoep.
Gone baby gone.
We are too precious and yet we are!
Slices of life that show you the way and if we all wallow in vanity is only me on top and nobody else cares…then that is the world.

As an artist you need a roof over your head like everybody else.
A chance to make a living through your craft.
But do you need a mansion or six?
An elevator from the garage from every car?

Cry thy beloved Nature!