It is generally accepted within Western society that if you’re ill you see a private doctor or go to a public hospital or clinic. Nowhere have I heard that white people who are ill, go, and explain their symptoms to Gordon Ramsay. Though he is knowledgeable about cooking and fine dining, he most certainly can’t give you advice about why you’re feeling ill. If he did, it would simply be his opinion and as opinions go, everyone has one. The doctor, however, studied medicine and for the most part, can interpret your symptoms and prescribe the appropriate medication.

It would be foolhardy of you to take Gordon Ramsay’s opinion to heart and act upon that.

Why is it then that black and brown people are meant to listen to the likes of Morgan Freeman simply because he is black? Morgan Freeman is a brilliant actor. One of the best Hollywood has to offer but his opinion regarding race and racism certainly doesn’t hold more water or is more credible simply because he is black. Asking for his stance on racism and then accepting that as cast in stone, as more valid than the black and brown person that lives in poverty is ludicrous.

By all means, ask a person like him about what it feels like as a black man working in Hollywood or living in America. His experiences are valid. His lack of understanding of racism as a system and pronouncing on it anyway isn’t!

Besides, often his wealth privilege and class privilege intersects with his race and sets him above the likes of the ordinary black man like the late Philando Castile, who was pulled over by police officers 49 times for minor infractions before being killed in the presence of his little baby and fiancée by a police officer.

Let’s be very honest here if Morgan Freeman was caught in a situation driving Miss. Daisy and a racist police officer pulled him over, the moment the officer saw it was him, he would be left to continue driving. Because Morgan Freeman is famous if the police officer harassed him or “accidentally” shot him, said police officer would be in prison based on the huge outcry that would follow from powerful people.

If Morgan Freeman was an activist or had studied racism then his opinion would be relevant. He hasn’t so there’s no need to seek out his opinion and accepting it as the Gospel.

If black and brown people don’t liken all white people to racists such as Hofmeyr or Trump accordingly we should be given the same amount of respect with regards to any famous black or brown person that renders an opinion on racism without having the knowledge of how it works.

Just because Morgan Freeman may have had a role portraying a slave does not mean he is a slave. It’s dangerous thinking like this that has allowed the American voters to vote actors like Ronald Reagan and or reality show persons like Donald Trump into office.

There’s a difference between Morgan Freeman the well-known Hollywood actor who meekly drives Miss Daisy in that movie and Morgan Freeman if he was a Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr.

Black and brown people know this. It’s about time white people knew this too.

Ultracrepidarianism: The habit of giving ones opinions and advice on matters outside of ones knowledge.”