Earth, once the beauty and magnificence of the gods and mankind, now lay wasted and forlorn!

No more is she like a radiant bride waiting for her knight in shining armour or horse-drawn carriage.

What happened to her? Only darkness now surrounds her immortal soul. The darkness that not even a ray of light can dispel.

It is not even judgement day, or is it for my home? To my mind, I guess it is this cruel judgement of man that came swiftly, as death would come to mortal man.

The much-loved ocean is no more. 

All I see is one massive stretch of endless dry land. 

For centuries this Earth sent out warnings and distress calls, but we didn’t heed them. We kept violating her beautiful and sacred sanctuary as if we owned her or bought her with our blood, sweat and tears.

Mother Nature is now gone to her eternal grave wherever that is. All that I see are the remains of aged skeletons; the flesh of those skeletons has been stripped of their bones by some angry force unknown to man.

The days seem longer than usual, but there is no rest for me in my quest for answers.

I cannot recall when last I had a mere morsel to eat those hunger pains haunt me like ghosts of the past. 

Even those magnificent mountain ranges have disappeared. I don’t know where they went. Maybe they went to their final resting place deep in the bowels of this wretched Earth.

No formal apology was given to this Earth. Rest well, my home planet 

So what do you think happened to this Earth?