A Conversation Poem:

At last!

Elections have come and gone and while I am writing this, we are waiting for the results patiently.
Impressions from voting day:

Peaceful, beautiful skies, someone is making a fire to braai lunch and oh, no, it is members of the Dutch Reformed Church across the voting station who are playfully selling hamburgers for the wait in the cue.

There is a calm atmosphere, even a relief hanging that the day has come.
People are thoughtful, it has been quite a conversation over the last few years.

Some more deadly than others.

Economy is tight for everyone with enormous increases in the petrol prices in the last two months (again) which of course ensures that the over-all cost of living is even higher than before.

The reach of poverty has become intolerable and tensions over opinions and matters of race relations in our country centered around many discussions in our courts, streets, of course printed and social media and from the mouths of our artists.
Those that should through the power of genres like cabaret, the tools we developed for intelligent discussions and of course those that should just not say anything.

One of the most recent was a court discussion on the “old” flag of SA versus the new.
Should the old flag be banned from SA public spaces was the issue?
In fact, many feel – banned completely.

This alongside the usual jumble of corrupt politicians and dangerous living; murder and chaos where a child was once again hit by random shots fired in the last couple of weeks for just playing in the streets in front of her house. That got some attention in the media. Many we never heard of.

Life in SA!

How do we bring children into this world?
How do we still find a song to sing and make a living from it?

The world is a jungle of repercussions and issues that over centuries culminated to a point of no return.
Of course the planet is suffering and dying under global greed.

Naturally the old flag is a symbol of hate in SA.
How do you stand next to your brothers, sisters, friends and family all over the racial spectrum and stand for that symbol of destruction?
Call it your “culture”? Still?