Some time ago, I was just chilling on my bed, and this question came up. What is the end of time? 

For some time now, I pondered over it but couldn’t get an answer to my dilemma. True, the Good Book speaks of the end of time.

Mans’ whole existence revolves around this time. Will time eventually not exist just like us?

The next instant, in a flash of light, it seemed that I was transported to some dark, disturbing age. I could not see in front of me. 

For days I was surrounded by this darkness, my greatest fear. Then suddenly, I saw a glimpse of light. 

I saw people I didn’t even know walking in these rows as if they were going somewhere.

They didn’t even greet me not a smile was on their faces. I thought to myself, “what a sad bunch of people.”

I began to look for my humble abode but could not find it. So what happened to my home?

Was I homeless, or did I just pretend to have a home I cannot say? In truth, I had no form, just my soul could see all this or was it, my soul?

Indeed I still don’t know what they did with time.