I am “Houdini”…

With a twist that could only

Be found in African hair

That knows no products.

I have escaped wealth and wellbeing 

For as long as I have known 

And I have known, in part, 

The warmth of my brother’s blanket 

Because five is a crowd

And six is one on the ground. 

And I’ve never done well 

With crowds anyway 

So often I would escape

My brother’s blankets

To sleep on the tile-forsaken floor. 

My current location is adjacent

To regions of eternal damnation. 

And soon as I escape from this here

Under and make it back

To the earth’s surface

And as soon they explain to me 

That the reason they called off 

The search 

Was because they thought the mine was mine 

So they reckoned 

I would find my way back. 

And as soon as I escape 

The haunting question; 

Would they have called off the search, 

Had I not escaped the colour 

Of my skin sooner?

I am gonna escape 

The colour of my skin.

Of course, I can, I’m “Houdini”…