I came out of the deep dark warm crevices of my mother’s womb. I thought I was entering into the light but I was so wrong.

I am still part of this darkness that will never go away. I am trapped in this eternal black hole to my mind it is worse than the horrific Bermuda Triangle. 

There is no parole for me not any justice for me. I am a slave to this terrible darkness. Though my dear mother can see me I cannot see her. All I hear is her gentle kind voice talking to me.

A thought crosses my mind maybe it’s because of my iniquities that I am been punished for? then again what iniquities.

I don’t even know the meaning of that word. 

For years man has ridiculed me and the way I am. They have no compassion for me they swung that judgment sword at me and I don’t know why?

Not even society wants me, they threw me away to wither away under that hot African sun.

Yes, I feel like I am a prisoner unto myself with those invisible shackles around me. No man has seen my tears falling down my weary face. It is like a battle I cannot win no matter how hard I try. 

But sometimes I cannot accept myself and the person me. I am like a lone wolf fighting with myself.

Many years later I am still fighting with myself and my darkness. Maybe one day this darkness will disappear for good. I live in hope.