Front liners are usually the ones in military terms that are in the front line closest to the enemy.

With the hate that almost seems to be born into white supremacists – even though some white people would argue differently, by saying that hate is taught! I believe that black and brown people are merely first inline “targets,” and that the ultimate aim is absolute conflict, hatred and strife.

Let’s imagine that right-wing white supremacists are successful in eradicating the world of all black and brown people. If that were to happen, the world would then consist of only white people or those that are socialized and viewed as white. You would think that in the unlikely event of this happening that those people would be blissfully happy, living in a world where they don’t have to look at people with darker skins. It’s not true though, because in a country like the States, in those white supremacist towns, those people don’t get along with “libtards,” even when the liberals are members of their own family.

It seems to me that black and brown people are murdered, for being the mirror that reflects just how hateful and racist they are! They don’t like what they see in that mirror when held up to their faces. So they are killing us in the hope that they can once more rewrite history.

Getting back to murdering all black and brown people and wiping us off the face of the earth, the white supremacist should then be happy, is that not so? After all, this is what they wanted! No more black and brown people to sully their “purity.” But, sadly, history has taught us that the hatred will continue except after the front liners have died all white people then become easy prey. It then becomes open season as no white person would know who these people will target next.

Perhaps people with red hair, who they may feel, are evil?

What about white people who are gay; they could be next based on the fact that the white supremacist is anti-LGBTQ people.

Maybe the Greeks or Italians that are darker and don’t have the “standard” blonde hair and blue eyes.

Perhaps they may even try and want to “succeed” where Hitler has “failed” and eliminate all the Jewish people?

Think about it for a minute and realize that white supremacists aren’t only out to eliminate black and brown people because, in the absence of black and brown people, the Jews were the front liners in Germany.

The “protection,” black and brown people are giving other white people by being targeted as front-liners, are only there to take their minds off who else they can target with the hate they spew.

Most mothers in abusive households will often place themselves as a barrier between the husbands that want to beat the children, and they put the children behind them; placing themselves as barriers to protect the children. However, some mothers place their children directly in harm’s way when the abusive father wants to hit the mother. 

The latter is, unfortunately, what is happening to black and brown people.

Instead of most white people joining hands to end this violence and hatred, some are content and “relieved” that they aren’t in the “line of fire.” So they scheme, plot and plan with this evil, never for one moment thinking that if we all stood together to bring down the greedy capitalist, to break down systemic racism, that we could all live in a safe and happy world.

You don’t have to agree with me on my take of things, but I ask you to stop and think for a moment what would happen to you, as an average white person, if these people succeeded. If you thought, you will have peace, think again, and remember that white people suffered under white people and that racism, was invented, for greed and destruction, not peace.

This message is from someone who has been and still is, reporting from the front lines.