Giannis Antetokounmpo ‘ The Greek Freak’ just signed a five year, 228 million dollar contract with the Milwaukee Bucks. It is the largest deal in NBA history! Giannis earned this deal by winning back to back MVP awards in 2018 and 2019. While some naysayers have criticized him for not being able to get to the NBA Finals yet in his career, Giannis doesn’t seem to mind, and by signing this deal acknowledges that he needs to be better. Most NBA  superstars of Gianni’s stature would leave the relatively small market team of Milwaukee in search of a ‘bigger’ city to play in and to win a ‘ring. It would appear winning an NBA championship isn’t Gianni’s priority right now, which is a refreshing look for an NBA player.

Everyone knows Giannis as an NBA superstar. What many won’t know is that his Nigerian parents went to Greece as undocumented refugees to try and make a better life for their family. Giannis was born in Greece, but things were not always roses. Giannis and his brothers would often have to help their parents sell items on the side of the road to make ends meet. Now, he has secured his family’s financial future for many years to come. Playing a sport, he didn’t actually like as a boy. It was his older brother that played basketball, Giannis wanted to play soccer! 

From the moment Giannis was drafted by Milwaukee, no one could have foreseen what he would turn into. The truth is Milwaukee suits Giannis, as he is a humble, soft-spoken man, who is quite unassuming in the way he talks and behaves. Give him a basketball ball and things become vastly different. He can run with the best of them! His athletic abilities make him a tremendous scorer of the basketball, and his vertical leap and arm length make him one of the best shot blockers and defenders in the league. Anyone that has watched him over the past two seasons would agree that he is the MVP of the league, and rather than joining up with other superstars, he wants to win a championship in Milwaukee! Giannis is young, and at 26 he has a lot of time to win, and move teams and all that jazz but for now, let’s celebrate this young man and his family. A truly inspiring story of perseverance and determination. Now, that he and his family are “set” for life, I am sure if you were to ask him to do it all again, he would, in a heartbeat. He seems like a guy that would rather die working hard than see his family suffer. 

I hope that Giannis can win more MVPs and eventually get 2 or 3 rings with the Bucks before perhaps moving on or even if he stays in Milwaukee for the rest of his career. Staying at the Buck at least for now seems to be what Giannis wants. Both he and the Bucks have shown they are committed to getting better and winning championships shortly. Just in case you misread the beginning, he signed the largest contract in NBA history five years, 228 million dollars! Not bad for a kid with immigrant parents from Nigeria!